Vinyl Alliance appoints new General ManagerIndustry veteran Bill Poteet takes over

One year ago key players in the vinyl record business met in Vienna, Austria. In the very house where Mozart lived and composed, label representative, pressing plant owners and hardware manufacturers discussed the state of the industry.  It did not take them much time to realize that they needed to join forces for vinyl records to flourish in our digital world.

Bill PoteetThus the Vinyl Alliance was born. But even before the association could get started with their ambitious plans, the worldwide pandemic brought it to a sudden halt. Now, 365 days later the Vinyl Alliance starts fresh with Bill Poteet as new General Manager. Bill is not only a veteran audio/video sales champion but also a record collector since his early childhood.

“I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old I wished for a Greatest Album of the Bee Gees for Christmas. On Christmas morning, I got up as early as my parents would allow it to give my new treasure a spin” Bill remembers. “When my family moved to Japan, I spent every weekend of my teenage years with my friends digging for hidden gems in record shops.”

Bill has held high profile positions at Panasonic / Technics, Audio-Technica U.S., Inc, Sennheiser and JVC/Kenwood and thus brings excellent knowledge and industry contacts to the Alliance. He holds various degrees in business management from notable Universities and is a graduate of the Konosuke Matsushita Management program. But above all Bill continues to be a passionate music lover and all-around gadget guy.

“Vinyl is a love affair with a strong community. Together we will build the Vinyl Alliance into an organization that ultimately will be the source of effective communication and a powerful knowledge resource for businesses and consumers alike” explains Bill his vision.