Supersense joins Vinyl AllianceAnalog concept store and Phonocut inventors

We are excited to welcome Supersense to our alliance. This analog concept store and manufactory is located in the heart of Vienna. It is a unique place for researching, celebrating and connecting people who pursue the art of analog in a digital world.  Supersense wants nothing less but to spearhead the global re-discovery of the importance and magic of analog.

Vinyl Alliance member Supersense“Specialized on re-thinking and re-positioning carefully selected analog technologies for a post-digital generation, we firmly do believe in the importance of building strong and diverse global networks together with the leading experts. This is why we joined the Vinyl Alliance and their vision and mission to innovate rather than just preserve, building a strong future for this iconic medium.”
– Florian Caps, Founder of Supersense

Supersense is also developing the Phonocut, an easy to use home vinyl recorder.