Meet the people behind the Vinyl Alliance and learn more about, what drives them.


Günter Loibl, President

Günter Loibl, President Vinyl Alliance
Günter Loibl
CEO, Rebeat Innovation

“It all started with HD Vinyl. I wanted to solve the many issues in vinyl production by developing a better and eco-friendly way to create stampers.

Soon I was collaborating with all these companies along the value chain. And it made me realize, that if we work together we can bring back vinyl into the minds of people, who want to experience music with all senses. “

Michael Hosp, Vice-President

Michael Hosp, Vice-President Vinyl Alliance
Michael Hosp
CEO, KDG Group

“kdg has been a service provider in the media world for more than 35 years. We are dedicated to support the independent entertainment market and deliver perfect vinyl products to shops and consumers on a daily basis. Topics like logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and the value of the product are key to us.

Therefore, we wanted to be an active part in the Vinyl Alliance and represent a forward-looking force on the board while spreading positive energy. “

Ryan Mitrovich, General Manager

Ryan Mitrovich
Ryan Mitrovich
Vinyl Alliance, General Manager

“For me, vinyl is so much about the ‘experience’: sitting down to listen, flipping through crates, the conversations among music lovers. With the recent resurgence of the format, it’s clear that the vinyl experience now appeals to a broader audience. I’m excited by this! I’m also excited by the passion and innovation being channeled across the value chain as demand for vinyl grows. With the Vinyl Alliance, the industry now has an influential platform to boost these efforts and keep the format thriving.”

Thomas Neuroth, Treasurer

Thomas Neuroth, Treasurer Vinyl Alliance
Thomas Neuroth
CFO, Rebeat Innovation

“Having been a Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Business Angel for a long time, opportunity knocked some years ago on my door to work for my old love: vinyl.

I want to make sure, that this format flourishes in this century by introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and improving communication along the value chain.”

Mickie Steier, Secretary

Mickie Steirer Vinyl Alliance Secretary
Mickie Steier
Studio Manager, Masterdisk

“My love of vinyl records began as a little girl, listening to them while chores were getting done. I have years of fond memories of putting Holiday albums onto the turntable on cold winter days while making Christmas Cookies, knowing Santa might come check up on us!

I joined the Alliance with hopes to find ways to help vinyl remain wonderfully relevant today and on into the future. I’d also like to see the use and study of Vinyl recordings built into the school curriculum and utilized in the classrooms again – not just in music class – in sciences, art, history, math, economics, language development, humanities, home economics, health and physical education.”

Nike Koch, Board Advisor

Nike Koch, Board Advisor Vinyl Alliance
Nike Koch
Sony Music, Operations Director

“The Vinyl Alliance is a great opportunity and network for players from all around the industry to come together to support and grow this beautiful medium.”

Billy Fields, Board Advisor

Billy Fields, Board Advisor Vinyl Alliance
Billy Fields
Warner Music Group, VP Sales & Account Management

Leif Johannsen, Board Advisor

Leif Johannsen, Board Advisor Vinyl Alliance
Leif Johannsen,
Ortofon, Chief Officer Acoustics and Research

“I want Vinyl Alliance to make a difference in the analog audio business as a whole. I believe that spreading the love of vinyl and educating people about analog audio in general is important, as well as strengthening communication between companies in this business”.

Kurt Van Scoy, Board Advisor

Kurt van Scoy, Board Advisor Vinyl Alliance
Kurt Van Scoy
Audio Technica US, Executive Director, Product Management

“Through my more than 30 years in the audio industry and the years leading up to that point, I have enjoyed a deep appreciation for music and the equipment used for vinyl playback. There is literally no end to the combination of music and audio equipment that you can experiment with to continuously improve the playback quality or optimization for the many types of music.

My affiliation with the Vinyl Alliance is to provide knowledge, guidance and support to those people that want to learn and advance their understanding in this area.”