Election of Vinyl Alliance board members

The Vinyl Alliance is pleased to announce that during the Founders Meeting in New York City, on 22 January 2020 the new interim Board members were elected:

  • President: Günter Loibl, Rebeat Innovation GmbH
  • Vice President: Michael Hosp, kdg mediatech GmbH
  • Treasurer: Thomas Neuroth, Rebeat Innovation GmbH
  • Secretary: Mickie Steirer, Masterdisk USA
  • Board Member: Nike Koch, Sony Music Entertainment
  • Board Member: Kurt Van Scoy, Audio-Technica
  • Board Member: Leif Johannsen, Ortofon A/S

Boardmembers of Vinyl Alliance

Working together for a common vision

“I am deeply honored to be elected as the new board president and look forward to working with my board colleagues to move Vinyl Alliance mission forward,” said Günter Loibl. “I want to thank the Vinyl Alliance Founding members for its confidence in me to serve as board president. Together with our board of directors, staff, and stakeholders, we are making a positive difference and continue to work towards a vision to be the premier international organization promoting and advocating to position of vinyl records in a digital world .”

Also appointed was Bryan Ekus the founder of Making Vinyl to serve as the Vinyl Alliance first Managing Director.


About Vinyl Alliance

The main goal of the Vinyl Alliance is to strengthen the position of vinyl records in a digital world.  We want to turn up the volume and promote vinyl records as a modern way to consume music.

The Association will offer global representation and valuable services to the industry as a whole, as well as its members by pooling resources in research, quality and marketing activities.