5 Things to do with your Record CollectionDuring the current COVID-19 crisis

In order to stay safe, it is best to stay home. Here are five tips, how Record collectors and Vinyl lovers are passing their time at home:

1. Clean your records & equipment

Photo: Daniel Lindstrom / pexels.com

When was the last time you cleaned your records, or the needle on your turntable? Use the time to shine those grooves and give your equipment a treat.

The Vinyl Factory shares 8 affordable ways to clean your records by hand Discogs gives advice on how to clean your stylus


2. Sort and categorize your records

Photo: Danica Tanjutco / Unsplash

It is almost a religious question, how to best categorize your records: by genre, by artist, by album title, by release date and endless more. Take the time to find out, which way is the best for you and finally sort in those purchases from last year!

Vinyl me please has the ultimate guide to categorizing your collection


3. Find the missing piece to your collection

Hunting is a big part of the attraction of vinyl records. There is no bigger pleasure than finally finding the missing piece to your collection. Go hunt for that rare copy of „God Save the Queen “by the Sex Pistols.

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4. Build a new storage rack

Photo: Nathan van Egmond / Unsplash

Storage space is sacred for record collectors, a fitting and robust rack is the holy grail. Now is the perfect time to build the storage unit of your dreams.

There is a huge amount of DIY plans and videos on the internet, for example on Pinterest.


5.  Rediscover hidden gems

Photo: Mike Marquez / Unsplash

Each record collection has its hidden gems. Albums we bought a long time ago, now forgotten in the top shelf of our IKEA rack. Leave your favorite records for a bit and play those long-lost treasures. Maybe you will fall in love with them again.